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3 Kinds of In-Home Care Services for Disabled Individuals

3 Kinds of In-Home Care Services for Disabled Individuals

Looking after a loved one with special needs presents a number of challenges. Disabilities may happen due to aging, accident, or medical condition. Most of these disabled individuals find difficulties in performing their daily living activities – walking, bathing, or doing house chores.

While family members can step in to offer support, sometimes it’s tough to identify and address their loved one’s circumstances. These struggles may even escalate when personal matters get in the way or caregiver burnout occurs. Health care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities may provide assistance to an extent, but their scope of services couldn’t deliver the constant attention that disabled individuals need.

Many families find comfort and peace of mind with home care services. They benefit from many services that facilities couldn’t deliver – one-on-one attention and flexible care approach. Clients enjoy receiving care right at home, eliminating the need to move into residential care homes. As professional caregivers being the “eyes and ears” at home, family members get the freedom to enjoy their personal lives without worrying about their loved ones at home.

To clients, there’s independence, safety, and comfort; to families, there’s peace of mind and fulfillment. Explore your care options. Here are the different kinds of caregiving services that Angel Heart Home Care LLC delivers to disabled individuals. If you need any of these, kindly call us at 719-201-9474 so we can start creating your personalized care plan:

  1. Homemaker Services
    Practicing self-care may be a challenge to disabled individuals, but so does caring for the home. With their complex limitations, they may find simple home tasks like making beds or preparing meals a tedious job. Our homemaker service promotes your comfort at home. Allow us to tick off these household chores on your daily to-dos:
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Making the bed
  • Doing the laundry
  • Preparing meals
  • Light housekeeping
  • Doing the errands
  • Going to the grocery
  • Proving medication reminders
  • Providing transport
  1. Companionship Care
    Interests, hobbies, and social connections usually become far-fetched concepts when you don’t have the freedom to do and enjoy any of these. When people lose their independence, they retaliate at home and feel isolated. But that shouldn’t be the case.
    With our companion care services, we can keep your loved ones engaged, help them enjoy their favorite pastimes, learn a new skill, and tap into their social networks. Our caregivers can play with your loved ones and have light and meaningful conversations to ease their loneliness at home.
  2. Personal Care
    Keeping the body clean is one way to ensure good health. Sometimes, family members couldn’t assist their loved ones with bathing or dressing, most especially when they’re experiencing the morning rush. Our professional caregivers are trained to provide Personal Care services to clients. From grooming assistance to continence care, we perform any of your personal needs in a respectful manner to preserve your dignity.

Which Type of In-Home Service Is Right for You?
Let’s identify your needs to find the best care solution for you. Call Angel Heart Home Care LLC at 719-201-9474 to schedule an assessment.

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