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Caregiver Fatigue

Caregiver Fatigue

While you may not think twice about taking on the challenge of caring for a loved one, it can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. This can leave you exhausted and unable to properly perform your elderly care duties.

Neglecting your mental and physical health and allowing long-term stress to linger can result in caregiver burnout. This is why it is important for workers in the industry of home care in Colorado to take appropriate breaks every now and then.

If you are experiencing the following:

  • Withdrawal from friends and family members
  • Lack of motivation for the job and/pr for trying new things
  • Excessive alcohol or drug use, including sleeping pills
  • Feeling of depression – hopelessness, alienation, helplessness, irritability
  • Resentment toward the patient you are caring for

You may be experiencing caregiver burnout and need to take a break. Enquire for respite care services from your home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Remind yourself that you can’t take care of anyone if you are not taking care of yourself. It is also unfair to the senior that is under your care. So, make sure you take the correct measures to avoid caregiver burnout.

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