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Christmas Activities for Elders and Their Family

Christmas Activities for Elders and Their Family

Christmas is an event we never want to miss. From kids to kids-at-heart, we look forward to many happenings and family gatherings that seldom happen on regular days.

During Christmas, there are more activities and social engagements the elderly can join to. From a year of frequent boredom, and routine-guided days, they would appreciate if the family would spend even just a day of happiness and togetherness. We, a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, listed some fun and exciting activities the whole family can do for our dear seniors.

Creating holiday decors using natural and recycled materials such as pine cones, dried leaves, and popsicle sticks, and painting them with Christmas colors. This activity grandchildren can also enjoy.

Practicing sing and dance with the tune of carols and having a talent show on Christmas eve. Invite all your friends under elderly care as guests or judges, or they can also be part of the show.

Baking treats like cookies, gingerbread house, or fruitcakes, and preparing delicious meals like roasts, casseroles, and salads for the big night.

Shopping, wrapping, and exchanging gifts and presents for the whole family. Drawing lots can be fun and exciting, too. But the best gift still is your time, love, and effort.

We at the Angel Heart Home Care LLC wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! We hope for your strength, unity, and peace in the whole family.

Let us be the extension of your love to your seniors throughout the year. For a reliable home care in Colorado, feel free to reach us at our contact details below.

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