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Common Problems Faced by the Elderly

Common Problems Faced by the Elderly

Some people anticipate their golden years as relaxed and free from stress. Although some studies have proven this to be true, seniors still face significant challenges, including physical difficulties, health decline, and others.

As a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Angel Heart Home Care LLC has seen several seniors suffer from the challenges brought by aging. Hence, we have customized and modified our care plans to suit the unique needs of the elderly. Here are some of the problems we noticed among the senior population:

  • Social Isolation or Loneliness
    A US Census shows that almost 30% of senior citizens live alone. And experts noted a constant rise in the numbers. Social isolation in seniors may lead to multiple health consequences, such as depression, anxiety, and aggravation of health conditions. Fortunately, providers of home care in Colorado can keep seniors companies as well as assist them in their daily needs.
  • Financial Difficulties
    Many seniors rely on social security benefits. However, research shows that two-thirds of these seniors live below the poverty line. Social Security aims to provide the elderly with fixed monthly financial assistance. But with the increasing cost of living, this fixed amount can pose significant financial restrictions.
  • Healthcare Costs
    Due to health complications, many seniors require medical care services. And with America’s reputation for expensive healthcare, seniors will most likely get affected by long-term care costs. Fortunately, the cost of home care in Colorado provides seniors with affordable and quality in-home care.
  • Elderly Abuse
    Experts estimate that not less than 10% of older adults experience at least one form of abuse, even from their relatives. The most common forms of elderly abuse include psychological abuse, financial exploitation, sexual violence, and neglect. And seniors who suffer from abuse have a lower quality of life. So if you are staying with a senior loved one, ensure that they fall in the hands of the right elderly care provider.

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