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Food and Mood: Tips for Senior Mental Wellness

Food and Mood: Tips for Senior Mental Wellness

Seniors undergoing depression tend to eat lesser, making them moody and lack energy. Nurses and sitters who provide home care in Colorado encounter this scenario commonly.

As much as caregivers want to provide effective elderly care in terms of mental health, how can they encourage elders to eat the right food in the right way and be able to manage their mood? Below are some tips we can share:

  • Start the day right with a healthy breakfast.
    Having a nutrient-packed breakfast can be one great source of energy for the day. Prepare them oatmeals, cereals, milk, and fruit slices.
  • Stay hydrated.
    Doctors regularly remind us to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Taking sufficient water will promote focus and concentration.
  • Have adequate fats and protein in your diet.
    Keep your brain working well by consuming foods rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3 that you can find in nuts, oily fish, and others, and regulate your thoughts and feelings by consuming enough protein that contains amino acids present in lean meat, eggs, etc.
  • Get enough sleep.
    Avoid eating sweets and taking caffeine excessively that may keep you awake at night. A clean, comfortable, and quiet sleeping area is effective in getting adequate rest.

To help you with your meal plan and matters related to senior mental health and overall wellness, you can count on us at Angel Heart Home Care LLC. We are a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado that offers personal and relative personal care, companionship, sitter services, and homemaking tasks. Check our contact details below for inquiries.

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