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Government Assistance for the Elderly

Government Assistance for the Elderly

Growing older might sound exciting for some. You get to retire, stay at home, receive monthly financial assistance, and relax. But aging also comes with difficulties, especially in health.

You may want to visit places you’ve never been to before, but your physical limitations stop you from doing so. Hence, the government provides seniors with a safety net after several decades of working and paying taxes.

Angel Heart Home Care LLC summarizes the government’s major assistance programs for the elderly, including:

  • Medical Assistance
    Through Medicare and Medicaid, the government supports short and long-term care for seniors. Medicare has three parts: Part A for hospital costs, Part B for medical and non-medical care costs, and Part C for medication costs. On the other hand, Medicaid allows seniors with limited income to avail of quality elderly care services.
  • Housing Assistance
    Seniors can now opt to stay at home and avail of home care in Colorado. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development assists seniors in their housing costs through property tax programs, housing vouchers, home repair help, subsidized housing, and more.
  • Employment/Financial Assistance
    The elderly still have the opportunity to learn new skills and earn a living from it. Government programs, such as the Supplemental Security Income and Senior Community Service Employment Program, allow seniors to acquire long-term employment. These programs help seniors to feel less isolated and encourage them to participate in community activities.
  • Food and Nutrition Assistance
    The states have a varying system of ensuring that the elderly maintain a proper diet. These programs provide hundreds of dollars of monthly food assistance to the elderly, especially to disabled or isolated seniors. The government’s food programs ensure that seniors get the right nutrition, a huge factor in improving seniors’ quality of life.

To further live an independent life as a senior, you can look for a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Home care providers will ensure you live each day with comfort and enjoy the government’s senior aid programs.

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