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How to Be Emotionally Sensitive When Caring for Aged Adults


Caring for senior citizens is not just about giving their medicines and serving them nutritious food. Other than the physical aspect, you also have to attend to their emotional needs. If the same is addressed, you will have a better relationship with them and they will feel less scared and alone.

Elders are often sensitive, making it challenging to fulfill their emotional needs. In addition to that, they are moody too. They may be jolly now but in the next hours to pass, they may become outrageous. Plus, there is no way to predict what is coming next. On our part as their family members, we really have to adjust.

If you are having a hard time, follow these tips from Angel Heart Home Care LLC:

  1. Do not outcast them from conversations.
    Their old age does not necessarily disqualify them from joining casual conversations. Though they may no longer “relate” to most modern topics, leaving our seniors out of the talks is very disrespectful. It will hurt them and make them feel small. Try putting yourself in their shoes.
  2. Consider their sentiments and opinions.
    When deciding on matters as a family, do not discount the elderlies’ opinions. Their age had already given them the wisdom to understand complex situations. Plus, they may have been through a similar situation before. Think of them as an advisor.
  3. Eat with them.
    True enough, food tastes better when eaten together. Over the table, you can have a really good time. This way, you can establish a deeper emotional bond with them.
  4. Never raise your voice against them.
    Raising your voice will certainly register as disrespect to the seniors. Aside from hurting their ears due to the volume of your voice, you are most certainly piercing their hearts as well. Do your best to be gentle. Their hostility will not justify your violence against them.
  5. Establish their independence.
    If they can still walk, let them. And in all the little things that they can still perform, just let them be. Allow them to feel capable of carrying their own selves.
  6. Say kind words to them.
    As we may know, words are very impactful tools. Depending on what you utter against another person, you will shape his or her heart. As for our grannies, it is essential to show them with “Thank you”, “Please”, and “I love you”. These phrases and like terms are an indirect way of expressing respect. Continue saying the same even if they still go on with their sour demeanors.

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