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Improving Your Seniors’ Security at Home: 7 Vital Things You Can Do

Improving Your Seniors’ Security at Home: 7 Vital Things You Can Do

Being at home does not guarantee full security for senior citizens. Despite the warmth and familiarity of one’s home, it is not impregnable to accidents and similar situations. And if the baby boomers are by themselves, the risk of meeting grim situations is higher. They will need help.

As their relative, it is our prime duty to keep them safe and well-taken care of. But due to our busy schedules and other coequally important commitments, being with them 24/7 is practically impossible. Is there no hope left? Angel Heart Home Care LLC would like to disagree! We have prepared some tips to help you out:

  1. Install CCTV cameras.
    Even if you are not physically at home, you will know exactly what is happening there. Nowadays, CCTVs can be linked to other devices (like computers) for live streaming purposes. Should something happen at home, you will know immediately. You will be able to act faster and more accurately, if ever.
  2. Maintenance of fire and smoke alarms.
    A portion of the common accidents that occur at home are fire-related. That is why it is really smart to procure reliable fire extinguishing systems. But the precautionary method does not end there, you have to constantly update. Otherwise, any fire or explosion can become uncontrollable when the firefighters arrive.
  3. Put up handrails.
    Handrails are perfect for senior citizens with balance and mobility issues. As much as possible, attach these rails to every portion of the house that the baby boomer usually ventures into. Ideal areas include their bedroom, stairs, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  4. Remove any unnecessary clutter.
    De-cluttering an aged individual’s residence has two significant benefits. One, it lessens the possibility of stumbling upon debris which may lead to slipping and falling. Two, cleaning up will help make a more suitable living environment. Since more space will be cleared, the seniors will have more room to breathe.
  5. Put away cords and cables.
    Another famous culprit for falls and slips are dangling cords and cables. You do not have to get rid of cords and cables from electronic devices, all you have to do is to strategically position them. Try putting up cord covers or aligning them on walls and hidden edges.
  6. Constantly check food expiry dates.
    To minimize the possibility of food poisoning, do a quick and thorough food inventory. Throw out the expired ones!
  7. Get professional help.
    Ultimately, the most effective way to guarantee safety among the elderly at home is if someone else capable is with them. And if you or your other family members cannot comply, Angel Heart Home Care LLC will come to your aid. We provide personal care to senior citizens and handicapped individuals. We promise not only to care for them but as well to deliver our services straight from the heart!

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