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Interaction of Nutrients and Medications in Your Body

Interaction of Nutrients and Medications in Your Body

A senior’s body can absorb treatment and medications when it is in the right condition, and vice versa. However, some nutrients may delay the effect of a drug or medicine. This reaction is called drug-nutrient interaction, and this is a matter a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, should understand.

Some vitamins and minerals can increase or decrease an elderly’s capacity to absorb the medicine. In this case, your body might not get the full effect of the drug or get too much of it. An elderly care attendant must know how to balance the amount of food an elder should take with a specific medication.

An example of this is eating food rich in Vitamin K (a blood coagulant) while taking warfarin (a blood thinner) or taking milk while having some types of antibiotics. Ask your doctors to introduce a drug-nutrient interaction chart.

Taking medicines for acidity and heartburn, however, lowers the level of Vitamin B12, calcium, and other minerals in your body. And this reaction is called drug-nutrient depletion.

As a provider of home care in Colorado, we are acknowledging the harmful effects of seniors’ diets on their medications. Angel Heart Home Care LLC communicates regularly with your medical or larger healthcare team to maintain quality of treatment in the comfort of your home. Aside from that, we also have excellent homemaking and companionship services, making us one of the best home care agencies. Our aim is a good quality of life for seniors. For arrangements, call us at 719-201-9474.

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