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Keeping Your Senior Hydrated in the Summer

Keeping Your Senior Hydrated in the Summer

There is no better excuse to be out in the sun than the summer season. After a long winter stuck inside of the house, a lot of people look forward to having barbecues in the backyard or picnics at the beach.

For seniors, however, summer presents particular health risks, one of them being dehydration. This can be due to a series of things e.g., a medical condition that weakens their sense of thirst, problems adjusting to temperature changes, or their body’s weakening ability to produce sweat needed to cool down.

Taking extra steps in elderly care during the summer is important.

Home care agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado recommend elderly adults to consume 48-64 ounces of fluids each day. These can come in forms of fruit and vegetable juices, soup, water, and milk.

When outside with your loved one, remember to do the following:

  • Give them a couple of glasses of water or juice with every meal
  • Make the taste of water more appealing by adding lemon, lime, berries, or springs of mint into their glass
  • Carry refillable water bottles with you
  • Remind them to drink a glass of water before any arduous activity they plan to execute
  • Have your loved one wear a hat to keep their body temperature lower

Providers of home care in Colorado are also advised to lessen the giving of coffee to their elderly loved ones as this may boost the risks of dehydration.

Keep in mind the signs of dehydration, which may include the following: confusion, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and muscle weakness.

If your loved one is exhibiting these signs, call the doctor or seek treatment at an emergency care center immediately.

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