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Overcoming Social Isolation for Seniors

Overcoming Social Isolation for Seniors

According to Cinga’s 2018 Loneliness Index, one out of two Americans report being socially isolated; making social isolation and associated loneliness public health epidemics that need to be addressed.

How does social isolation affect mental and physical health?

Angel Heart Home Care LLC, a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, says that the lack of social contact which can result in loneliness increases one’s stress levels and chances of experiencing depression. A study published by The American Health Association claims that it can also double the risks of dementia.

So, how can we overcome it?

There are a couple of ways to help your senior loved one overcome social isolation; one of them is getting home care in Colorado. Getting home care can not only decrease your loved one’s feeling of loneliness, but it can also increase their level of safety, as they no longer need to stay at home by themselves.

Another responsibility expected from providers of elderly care is helping seniors engage in community building and friendship seeking. Sign them up for classes that they otherwise would not have signed up for.

Don’t let your loved ones feel lonely and abandoned.

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