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Protect Seniors from the Risk of Infections

Protect Seniors from the Risk of Infections

According to the American Family Physician Org., infectious diseases account for one-third of all deaths in people 65 years and older. And that it is harder to identify when they have it because of the absence of common symptoms.

As a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we should make sure our elders are in their optimum wellness. What do we need to do to protect them? Here’s how:

  • Well-balanced and healthy meals
    Meal preparation is an essential part of elderly care. Matching the foods they eat, to the conditions of elders, should also be considered to avoid complications.
  • Observe personal hygiene
    Observe proper hygiene to ensure their health and make seniors feel good about themselves and boost self-esteem. It will also keep them from the risk of diseases and medical conditions.
  • Clean living space
    Cleaning the surroundings and making abodes clutter-free are some parts of the responsibilities of home care in Colorado. Making homes of elders hygienic reduces pollution and the chance of acquiring bacterial and viral infections from the environment.
  • Seek help from a physician
    When there are early signs of illness such as cough and colds, take your seniors for a consultation to avoid more severe conditions. Always follow prescriptions and give medications on time.

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